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Sun, Aug. 17th, 2008, 04:48 pm
einstein's bagellll!!!

so ga got killgore trout!! he is adorable. he purrs alll the time, wants to be held constantly, plays with everything, chases you around, and always wants to hang out.
only problem.... leo hates!! him.
we're going to have to slowly get them used to each other... cause theyre going to be bff!

i am so excited!!! i have more than one pair of pants for this upcoming pants season!!!
ive got the best most comfy straightlegs jeans, some grayish striped straighlegs, black straight legs, and the ones i had last year, and two new pairs of long shorts!! im totally pumped!!!

classes start tomorrow. my earliest class is 10am! but!! i have two classes that both start at 11am.... like wtf, i thought they wouldnt let that happen???
i gotta go to the registrar...

hmm... other than that. i havent been up to much.
ill post pictures of things as i take them i guess.

this weekend im going to jo's party. getting leo. going on a colllege visit to either gsu or aia.. or both.

oh, and those einstiens bagels that we got a dozen of this past weekend are so almost gone! we shoulda got two dozen!!!
k bye

Sat, Aug. 9th, 2008, 12:19 am

the olympic opening ceremonies were amazing!
definitely the most tasteful, big, creative, and amazing displays ive ever seen
sooooo good!!
i had no idea china could be so awesome!

if you havent seen it yet go watch it online or something... im sure theres a million reruns on tv too.

k thats it!

Thu, Aug. 7th, 2008, 06:17 pm
warm panda cola

today i had to have blood drawn at two different doctors. :[
we were supposed to leave for lc's lake house tonight, but the fathers have to work tomorrow. :[
instead i thought going to Fuck Yesss!!! would be a fun idea. tho, nobody wants to go with. :[
my gravy train show and badminton pictures won't upload on facebook :[

i kinda need to start packing to go back to school. :\
there's no milk for my new tea. :\
nobody's home. :\
i don't know what to do if no one wants to go dancing tonight. :\

ive got some subtle platinum highlights in my hair! :]
i bought a new bag of mate, and im drinking some! :]
i got some mystery pictures developed and they turned out to be the fisheyes i took at spring break! :]
i had a delish wrap at a new sandwich place today! :]

kitten purred at me all day today and wanted my attention! thats a big breakthrough for asshole cat... lovechildkittenkitten. maybe he'll turn out to be a nice cuddly PET afterall, instead of a wild animal that i happen to feed and provide shelter for.

k bye.

Sat, Aug. 2nd, 2008, 12:35 am
chocolate digestives.

i have a lot to say. lots going on:

just got home from the beach.
i think i got some kind of freak rash...?? tho, the collective diagnosis was heat rash or sun poisoning.
i wore 45spf on my body and 70spf on my face... how i got freak rash??? who knows?
the ocean was all full of algae so i didnt get in it much, there were jellyfish too... :[
i wanted to splash around!
yesterday it was rainy so we got to go to some outlet mall. i got some new clothes! with a gift card ive had foreverr.
now i've got to help bailey pack her stuff for school.
ive got a catering job tomorrow at 3 til who knows!
then i have to get up at 7am and drive with bailey to statesboro to help her move in.
and then go see if i can convince this nice restaurant to hire me.
drive home without bailey.
begin my packing process..
go to 3 different doctor's appmts...... two of which i get to have my blood drawn.. :[
move all my shit to statesboro... and if i get the job, start working.

in between all that im trying to see if i can go to the faint concert for jo, make it to carrollton one more time before school.. i feel like i wont have a chance to once school gets going (jo, i want that shirt! and i want to see girlfriend and dogdog too), among other things.

i finally finished that english class. if i dont make an A in that class i will be pulled out of this upcoming semester, living at home, and working full time... to pay off the cost of that class and save up enough so i can go back to school, with me paying for it myself. those last two papers took me the entire day sunday, to get them up to A standards! ruined my plans for that day, probly offended somebody, very unintentionally. i spent the entire two hours of class on monday to revise and rewrite my final paper until i was sure it had to be an A.

on a less scheduled note. i have some repairing to do. ive been too in my head, or not all with it. i really have no excuse, but then again..

random thoughts:
there are a lot of things going on right now. ive started that new med. i cant tell if its helping, or making me crazy.
my teeth are soo sore - ive been clenching my teeth while i sleep?
ive been waking up shaky the past two mornings?
caffeine is starting to really effect me!
i sometimes chatter my teeth and have to clench my jaw to make it stop.
im going through a lot of self evaluations.
i've been motivated to do things lately.
i havent felt down down down in the dumps for a while.
i just read a book that blew my mind. in less than 3 days. literally in every sense, mind blowing!
Raw Shark Texts.

thats it for now.
you'll be hearing from me soon.

k bye.

Sun, Jul. 27th, 2008, 05:16 pm

ughhh!! i never thought school would plague me this much this summer!
i should be enjoying myself in the sun with skip to celebrate her birthday.
currently, however, i am stuck writing an 8 page paper about opium, then a 2 page paper on some play we read in class.
i swear ive been working on this opium paper forever. i started it last tuesday... i had a huge chunk of work time unavailable since i had to go to southern thurday and friday (tho i did get some work done there), then saturday was the wedding.. ughh

not only are these both due tomorrow. tomorrow is also my final for that class in which i will be writing a paper.
ive written 5 papers or so for this class.

so i guess right now im dawdling... i should get back to work!
just needed to express my anger.

k bye

Tue, Jul. 22nd, 2008, 09:05 pm

now playing: im on drugs.

coming soon: the newer happier me!!

movie description:
drinking increases risk of seizures.

protagonist experiences a second bought of dry season.

running time:
6 months, twice a day

the reveiws:
no reviews currently exist for this film

Sun, Jul. 20th, 2008, 06:13 pm

ugh. i had to send my computer away cause the harddrive failed.
but at least i had the cute girl at the apple store to talk me through my loss, ha

so i've lost all pictures ive taken this summer, all new music i had acquired, and everything i had written on my ical.. my plans! i guess thats what i get for stuffing my computer full to the brim with space hogging music and pictures and not regularly backing it up.


Thu, Jul. 17th, 2008, 12:27 am
so far away from crowded nights, im goingggg cuckooocoooocooo

ok status on the computer: took it to the genius bar today.. i have to connect mine and my moms computer, connect my external hard drive to moms computer, open my drive on mom's and send it to my external. that'll take about 2 hours.... then, i have to re-install leopard, wiping out everything on my computer now. so it'll be like having a brand new one. then i have to connect my hard drive to my "new" computer and put everything (music pretty much) back on it and reset all the settings ive made. then maybe it'll work again!
also, i finally got the Y and U keys fixed!! tho, as far as getting the thing to close, its totally broken.. im going to fashion some velcro attachments to fix that!
so thats that.

this week has been very giving to me! ive acquired new clothing left and right (from h&m and macy's-random), gone to a very nice and tasty mexican place ("no mas"), and have had to pay no gas, no nothing! its been quite the half week. i pretty much have a new wardrobe... or at least more to add to my 4 shirt rotation! yay! hhah.

tho mom and i have been getting in fights a lot about my depleting money situation for school and such. and with my current "bad attitude" towards the upcoming semester, according to her. and with just general annoyances between mother and daughter... i think we're both going crazy. she's got anxiety, ive got.. who knows! we had a particularly intense fight today on the drive up to lenox. but after we got our separate shopping errands done, everything that each of us had addressed in the car seemed to have sunk in to both of us and there were no further arguments.. she might have felt a little bad, tho, cause she did buy me some really awesome, but expensive, shorts and a comfy shirt with a rainbow zebra on it.

we had a looong talk about just life, of what each of us did at my age for fun, about dealing with friends and meeting new friends and how most of the time you should expect people to back out on plans, how thats a normal thing for people to do. talked about dancing as a stress reliever, about people who get too drunk to function and black out, about people who take xanax-shes got some funny stories, about living in different cities, about where i might be going in after xmas... gosh, we talked for like 2 hours.. while sitting at corner bakery after our meal, coffee, and pastries.

tomorrow i have to go to statesboro to move my stuff out of my old apartment... and into my new one. i think we're leaving first thing in the morning.. perfect that im awake so late, oops. but we'll only be there just for the day... hang out with geeg a bit before we leave, get some din din and such!

friday theres a bday party in atlanta.. i cant wait to watch people play "beer force" again! haha.. maybe this time i wont be so sober.

saturday i kinda really want to have a bonfire, i dont care where, but i want there to be flames and good music. those are my only requirements. if i could totally have my way, id say dancing should ensue as well.. but afterlife has decided to stop its weekly appearances at the masq. i guess dancing could still happen....if the good music is happening.. maybe some fire dancing.... animal collective! haha

mom just bought a badminton set, thatd be fun...hinthint.

maybe i'll wear some of my new clothes this weekend! haha


Mon, Jul. 14th, 2008, 08:36 pm

computer died.
i have resorted to having to use mother-dearest's computer.
i hope the genius bar at the apple store can helllp!!

Sat, Jul. 12th, 2008, 02:36 am
i have a big LESBIAN crush on you!

gravy train!!! saturday night....TONIGHT!!
everyone, its gonna be a ridiculous show, completely redicccc!
doors open at 9 $10
drunken unicorn

i'll be there, if thats enough motivation, ha.
k bye

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